Monday, July 6, 2009

Daddy's 40th Surprise Birthday Party

We celebrated Daddy's 40th Surprise Birthday Party a few weeks ago. Let's just say we now have a new pool basketball goal and Momma's stoked! Daddy's goin' down... Happy Birthday to another June baby in our family! We love you, babe.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Abigail's 9th Birthday Celebration

Our kiddos birthdays are 5 days apart in the month of June with Parker Scott on June 2nd and Abby June 7th. Here are a few pics from Abby's 9th birthday party. The girls kicked off the celebration at Sweet and Sassy in Southlake, then in the pink limo on to the Gaylord for swimming and a slumber party. It was a wonderful time had by all.
It has been a busy month of June starting with Parker Scott's birthday. We can't believe he is already 1. It has been a great ride and look forward to many more memories with our little buddy. We celebrated at Amazing Jake's in Plano.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday evening we packed up and headed a few miles down the road to the Gaylord Texan to kick off Summerfest. Summerfest was full of activities for adults and kids. We ate dinner and enjoyed fireworks over Lake Grapevine Friday evening. Saturday, we hung out at the outdoor pool all day and enjoyed dinner there while catching a little NBA playoff action. There was a DJ playin' some tunes at the pool earlier in the day as well as a few games. They had a hula hoop contest and Abby made it to the semi-finals. Yay, Abby! She did great. She was raising hands, clapping, jumping once, twice, etc. She had it until they asked them to hoop on one leg. She had it for a few minutes but in the end went down. lol. She had fun. . . and to think she was too shy initially to go up there. :) Thanks for the encouragement from her cousin, Madyson. We then headed home Sunday afternoon for some playin' at home...

Monday, we grilled out at our house and chillaxed by the pool all day. Here are a few pics of the kids and Daddy enjoying themselves in the pool. Momma's taken pics...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Mommy had an amazing Mother's Day with her family. She had an especially touching moment at the Mother's Day Tea at Abby's school. We had yummy food, the kids sang a beautiful song for all of the mom's and were given amazing gifts that we will cherish forever.
One particular thing I will never forget for the rest of my life is when Abby ran off in the middle of singing the song. About half way through she started crying uncontrollably and ran off. I held her and then later asked her if everything was ok. I asked her what made her start crying and she told me she just loves me sooooooo much that it made her cry when she sang all the words.
Her teacher told me after they sang before I left that two of the kids, both her and Tyler, were balling all week long when they were learning the song. She didn't think she was going to be able to have the class sing it because the two of them got so emotional everytime they sang the song.
It was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard and seen. I am so grateful to our Lord for my amazing family. I have so much more than I could have ever imagined or deserve. My life is rich and my kids make me whole. They are amazing!

This is what happens when we feed ourselves...

Can you say yummy mashed taters...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Had 2 Sparkman girls for a moment this weekend!

LOL. This past weekend Abby was playing around and decided to put her Build-A-Bear clothes on Parker Scott and a pink tulle bow from one of Mommy’s birthday presents. It was the most hilarious thing I had ever seen. It was crazy. He was such a pretty girl (Scott did not like it when I said that.) Ouch, I know. He's going to kill Abby and I when he gets bigger. When I looked at him – he looked exactly like Abby when she was a baby. I pulled out a few old pics of Abby with her famous bow and sure enough, they look alike. See for yourself!

More pics of P in his girlee suit...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy Week & Weekend....

Well, we haven't posted lately with all that we've had going on so I'm going to catch you all up with this post. Wow, where to start. We started the month celebrating my birthday a few weekends ago. My wonderful hubby gave me more gifts for our home. He remodeled the carpeted stairs to wood before we got our wrought iron stair railings installed. Thanks honey. They look awesome! Thanks, Brittney for introducing us to Rick. He is amazing!

Our new wood stairs my honey made...

upstairs hallway railing. we're changing the hall carpet out to wood flooring soon as well... at least I've hired the contractor. Not sure if he has any conflicts for next weekend but I have him booked through 2010.... :) Good thing he lives with me, huh.

Evening of mommy's birthday. Cheesecake Factory. One of Mommy's Favs!

Then celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. We pray that you all had a very blessed Easter week!!

At Abby's school this week it was Spirit Week so we were busy getting dressed up and having fun with that each day. Abby actually won 2x's out of the 5 days. She was so excited. When she came home I thought she had just won in her class and then she told me it was the entire school. I was so excited for her. We had fun together this week.

This weekend Abby had her friend Samantha spend the night. We hung out and baked a cake Friday evening. Got up Saturday morning and went Abby's volleyball game. Then went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory (momma's fav) and hung out in Southlake Town Square at the Barnes and Noble before heading on over to the the Main Event for some games and bowling.

Abby won her volleyball games!!

Sammy (as Abby calls her) and Abby at Main Event.

To close the post: The Sparkman Family wants to wish Miss Sydney Raye a Happy Birthday today! We love you, Sydney... I'm sure Parker is missing you today. Enjoy your day with Mommy! I hear you're going to the doctor again. We hope you can get better soon...

This is one of my fav pics from her blog.... Sydney Raye (the birthday girl) and her Mommy, Brittney - Happy One Year to you both! Aren't they both so beautiful...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Licking the floor...

Ok, there are no pics associated with this post because we just didn't have the heart to show anyone since it was so shocking and quite honestly, disgusting. As many of you know, Parker Scott did not have any teeth as of this past week. He has been teething since, what feels like, he was - oh say, 2-3 months old. Well, this weekend he was moving about the house as he usually does and we look over and he's licking the floor. When I say licking, I mean licking. Scott saw him first, then I caught him doing it later as well. We figured out later he was teething a little extra as his bottom tooth was trying to break through the gum. He was grasping to anything and everything to try and chew. Little did he know he wasn't gonna be able to chew the ole' floor. He then started to suck our cheeks and our hands when we would hold him. lol. It was the most hilarious thing ever.
We just thought we'd share with everyone for a small chuckle this morning. Of course after we're all done hysterically laughing, Abby asks, momma did I do that? lol. I told her no baby, you didn't do that. She said, thank goodness!
Anyway, the tooth has finally broken through the gum completely and Parker boy now has tooth number 1. Yet another milestone. Yay, Parker Scott!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow, where has time gone?

Parker Scott turned 9 months two days ago! It amazes us how our little guy is no longer an infant. It seems as though he is literally doing something new each day. He and Abigail absolutely light up our lives. They have brought us more joy than we can ever imagine. We can't WAIT to have more. Yes, I said MORE!!!

Those of you that know Parker understand how blessed we are to have such an easy going, chilled, content baby. Here are a few things Parker Scott is doing these days:

1. clapping (a lot)
2. screaming: just to see how loud he can get until Mommy, Daddy or Abby say, "Parker, dude your killin' us". He gets SO loud it will hurt your ears. It's funny.
3. when he gets mad he blows bubbles at you. it's one of the more funny things he does. you would think he would blow bubbles when he's happy, nope!
4. when he's done with his jar food and doesn't want anymore, instead of just closing his mouth shut like he used to, he now blows the infamous bubbles. yes, spitting the food everywhere and I mean everywhere. you look down and there are little tiny spots of food all over your shirt, his and anything else in close proximity (just ask Ms. Jessica or Alyssa when they are feeding him at school).
5. he loves to play peek-a-boo
6. he stood up in his crib after a nap for the first time holding onto the bars a few weekends ago. Mommy cried, so sad my baby boy is getting so big already.
7. he crawls EVERYWHERE. backwards, forward, wherever - he sees something he wants, gone, baby gone!
8. he is trying to pull up on furniture, toys, etc. he hasn't quite got that down yet but that's coming real soon. stay tuned!
9. he cries the minute you walk into his room because he knows it's nite nite time. literally, we don't even make it to the crib before he starts in.
10. he doesn't recognize anyone wearing a hat. when we put a hat on he stares with a blank, inquisitive face. who is that???? why do they have that goofy thang on their head??? we talk to him, make funny faces, try to get him to laugh - nothing. pull the hat up/back and he starts smiling, BIG, oh, there's my Mommy or Daddy. it's precious!
11. he loves to grab noses. better watch out the next time you're holding him. he'll get yours too!
12. he takes toys away from other kids at school. lol. we're working on that.
13. he grunts when he wants something and will grunt for no reason at all (often). not sure what's going on with that.
14. he's wearing big boy clothes. he looks like a little man now.
15. he says ma-ma when he's hungry, tired, hurting, etc.
16. he says da-da when he's playing, screaming and having a great time.
17. he flips over to his stomach while trying to change his diaper on the changing table. for some crazy reason, he thinks he has somewhere else to go or be.
18. he loves his sister dearly. she can get him to smile anytime, anywhere! what a blessing to watch!
Those are just a few things off the top of my head that he is doing. He is the greatest thing to come home to after a long day at work. No matter what mood we're in, happy, sad, tired, struggled with the day, not feeling well - one look at that boy and our hearts just SMILE and forget anything previous to that moment!

We can only thank the Lord for that. He has and continues to pull us through dark difficult days and keeps us so alive in others. We are so undeserving of His unconditional love and blessings in our life. Thank you, Jesus for everything you have done and continue to do!

Parker, you'll never know what a difference you've made in our lives! We Love You, buddy...

Our Little Man

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